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The Sourcing Institute to Present at Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech

Experts including Shally Steckerl, Holly Mallowes and others will explain the latest tricks and techniques for sourcing top talent.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017
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If you're a sourcing/recruiting professional, you're focused on helping your organization retain its edge by finding the best talent around to come join your team. These days, of course, that's getting tougher by the day and it won't be getting easier anytime soon. That's why you should check out the program for this year's Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech Conference ("RT3") Nov. 28 through 30 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. For the second year in a row, we're partnering with The Sourcing Institute to offer a series of hands-on learning sessions that will teach you the very latest and most effective techniques for finding (and connecting with) talent that's near-impossible to locate via regular channels.


Among the industry notables leading the pre-conference events and breakout sessions is the legendary Shally Steckerl, globally recognized as one of the founders of the talent sourcing discipline and a leader in sourcing, recruitment research and recruitment marketing.


Shally, who's president of the Sourcing Institute Foundation, builds enterprise recruiting engines for Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola, Cisco, and Motorola, helping them efficiently discover difficult-to-find talent. He's the author of the industry textbook The Talent Sourcing and Recruitment Handbook, and has been one of the top 20 most-connected people on LinkedIn since 2004.Our partnership with The Sourcing Institute and the addition of Shally to our speaker roster makes this the must-attend conference for anyone hungry to re-energize their recruiting and sourcing practices.


The Sourcing Institute's pre-conference workshops and Sourcing Lab breakout sessions aren't like the dry, sleep-inducing sessions you'll find at other conferences. Instead, these are gritty, hands-on experiences designed to show, not tell, you the latest tools, techniques and guerilla tactics for finding the most sought-after talent in any industry. The pre-conference workshops will include a course taught by Shally titled Using Tools and Pipelines to Source: Why They're the Best, in which he'll teach you how to master RSS, Google Chrome and extensions, Evernote, Rapportive and others to get better results and find more-diverse talent. TSI will also present a workshop titled The Everyday Essentials for Recruiters and Sourcers, in which sourcing gurus Ronnie Bratcher and Bob Collins will give you the complete rundown on what it takes to find the top passive candidates (separate registration required for the pre-conference). The Sourcing Lab sessions will be held in a special WiFi-equipped room at the center of the conference and will cover include topics such as The New Rules of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter: How to Find People and Get Them to Reply; MacGyver Sourcing -- Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind (Not Your Budget); Sourcing Strategies for Alternative Search Engines; Back to Basics: Core Tools for Your Sourcing Toolbox; and Off the Hook Phone Sourcing Lab.


We're really excited about this year's conference program, and we'll have more announcements to come as we get closer to Nov. 28. Did I mention that RT3 will be in West Palm Beach, Fla.? So as the rest of the country braces for winter, you'll be in sunny and pleasant southeast Florida sharpening your skills and networking with colleagues. So register today at or toll-free at 1-800-727-1227.


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