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Data in the Driver's Seat
Companies are turning to artificial intelligence and automation to make talent acquisition more efficient and candidate-friendly.
Why PepsiCo Refreshed Its Employer Brand
The beverage giant is repositioning its employer brand as it competes for sought-after talent.
Disrupting Talent Acquisition Through Tech
Advances in blockchain tech will trigger a "massive disruption" in how TA leaders do their work.
Want to Turn Your Intern Program into a Growth Driver?
Now that "intern season" is upon us, here are five things you can do to turn your internship program into a steady source of long-term talent.
A Promising Proposition: Dell Rebuilds Its Brand
Seeking to rebuild its once-mighty empire, Dell has cultivated a compelling employee-value proposition to attract and retain top talent.
Talent Acquisitions in the Era of the Candidate
In the era of the candidate, no talent-acquisitions leader is safe.
How Lowe's is Building a New Skilled-Trade Workforce
Shortages in the skilled-trade workforce spurred a new educational program at Lowe's.
Are Tech Recruiters Dissuading Female Engineers?
A new study suggests there's room for improvement in the behavior of some male recruiters.
Will the $1.2 Billion Glassdoor Acquisition Impact its Brand?
Recruit Holdings, the owner of Indeed, will acquire one of the best-known company review sites.
Here's Why Discriminating Against Older Workers Hurts Employers
The labor-force-participation rate is rising for those over age 65. So why are employers so reluctant to hire more of them?
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